Key messages for good asthma care – posters for your school

It’s estimated that in every classroom there will be three children who experience life with asthma. These children are more likely to miss school days because of ill health, to end up in A&E or be admitted to hospital.

North Central London Partners have designed posters with three key messages for asthma care that if followed will reduce the likelihood of admission to A&E and even save a life.

Please can you share these with your school community?

The posters focus on three key asks that will provide good asthma care:

  • Ask for  an asthma management plan
  • Ask to be shown the correct the inhaler technique
  • Ask for an annual asthma review

Please can you download, print and display on a notice board the poster for children aged 11+  follow link to the poster for 11+ do you have asthma

NCL Ask About Asthma – A4 Young person Poster

Please can you also share the poster for parents and carers with them, Does your child have asthma see link

NCL Ask About Asthma – A4 Parents Poster

The parents poster has a QR code with a link to a page where translations of the poster can be downloaded.

If you have a Facebook or Twitter channel can you publish the post, suggested text below. And attached is a graphic for social media:


Does your child have asthma? 

 Three key messages for good asthma care:

  1. make sure you have an asthma action plan in place
  2. ensure that you/your child have the correct inhaler technique
  3. make sure you have an annual asthma review

For more information go to


NCL Ask About Asthma – A4 Young person Poster

NCL Ask About Asthma – A4 Parents Poster

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